Greyp e-bike is the future you want to be part of

greyp e-bike

Imagine a Zombie apocalypse. It shouldn’t be hard these days. There is no one on the streets, just the sound of wind and a snow storm lashing out.

The only car still running belongs to a Mad Max type of character. Nasty. Just nasty. There is just one more kind of transportation alive.

You can use the electricity. True salvation comes from wind and solar power when humanity runs out of fossil fuel.

Greyp e-bikes enter the scene

Have you heard of Rimac cars Concept One or Concept Two? Do you want to own one? Sure you do!

But…. They may be out of your budget’s reach.

Wait! You can still own a piece of fantastic technology coming out of Rimac factory in Europe. Meet other family members. Take a closer look at Greyp e-bike! Check it out!

You won’t have to look twice to see it’s the best thing out there. And, you just won’t be able to resist getting one for yourself. In fact, these babies are sooo cooool, you’ll have to get in line to get one.

What you’ll love about your new Greyp e-bike?

Honestly? Everything!

You can read the full in-depth review of Greyp e-bikes in this post over at the RocketElectric.

If you’re still wondering why anyone would buy a Greyp bike, let me summarize it real quick for you:

Can you imagine not telling your friends that you got an e-bike and then riding real fast past them, like you got some super powers all of a sudden?

E-bikes can do that. They look normal, but have super powers. And Greyp e-bike is like e-bike on steroids. With power and the brains.

greyp e-bike
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Greyp e-bike specifications

Another thing that is attractive about the Greyp e-bike is that it’s European and it comes from a factory that makes Concept One and Concept Two.

Greyp bikes are quality products all the way. There are no Chinese parts, no shortcuts. The software is their brainchild. The whole production process is carefully monitored and done in-house.

The next thing that comes to mind is battery power. More juice equals more run time. This in turn leads to more adventures and fun times. You can take the battery out yourself and replace it on the go.

All by yourself! It’s that easy. As long as you keep a spare one in your backpack that is…

Also, it has built in cameras. I honestly don’t know why all bikes and cars don’t have them, but they should. Wide screen, front and back, built in. It’s the future!

Next, Greyp bikes are smart bikes. If you want to take your smart looks to the next level, stand next to a smart friend. If you lack one of those, get a smart bike!

Greyp bike is always connected to the Internet and your phone. If your girlfriend gets a Greyp bike, you can interconnect, and drive together, while being miles apart.

You can race your friends from other parts of the country. This feature will take your biking experience to the next level, turning it into a game that you’ll enjoy.

For the fashionistas always concerned about their image, there are no worries here. Super fine vivid colors of new greyp ebike will almost certainly attract many curious looks.

Vladowsky’s Verdict

If you ask me, this e-bike gets my stamp of approval. It checks all the boxes, so you’ll find me waiting in line trying to get my new yellow friend.

Have a greyp day!