Partners Desk in-depth Review

partners desk

If you’re looking for a great office desk, Partners desk is not the one for you.

Many adjectives have been used to describe its greatness, but great is not one of them. Partners desk is amazing, exceptional, beautiful, fantastic, spectacular, superb, sublime, exquisite, prestigious, presidential, and a definite wow factor.

Partners Desk demands respect and automatically awards authority and dominance. So, only if you’re looking for a serious upgrade, consider acquiring a Partners desk for your office.

History of Partners Desk

With an exceptional desk comes interesting history. In this case, a well-documented one thoroughly explained on Wikipedia. The Partners Desk was invented in the 19th century, in the UK to accommodate the needs of two bankers, who were partners and wanted to work together.

Some readers may remember it from the National Treasure movies, where Nicholas Cage searches for clues in the locked drawers and hidden compartments. In fact, this is the exact moment that entices people to look into Partners Desk more closely. History, combined with intrigue and superb craftsmanship is an irresistible combination and every marketers’ dream.

The Unique Design of Partners Desk

Partners desk is in fact two desks joined together into one large desk where you can sit on both sides. Imagine four cupboards with drawers and a single, large top surface. It is always made from the highest quality wood and leather on the top surface.

Therefore, you can encounter several variants depending on the type of wood being used – mahogany, rosewood, oak, or walnut and the kind of finishing – only of the highest standard. The leather on top is predominantly in green color, but there are variants with a red leather writing surface.

Partners Desk has many drawers with the most luxurious fittings and with locks that can be opened with a single key.

This luxurious, presidential look is what attracts many buyers and that is exactly what many, many reproductions are trying to recreate. Sure, there are more accurate and less accurate attempts. Or, if you will, more and less expensive Partners desks for budgets of all sizes.

Antique Partners Desks

Antiquesworld is a UK website that is the best place to start learning about Partners Desks and its many forms. It is owned by Driscolls Antiques who specialize in high-end antique furniture and its restoration, which makes them absolute authority when it comes to Partners Desks. You can browse freely through their website and admire the craftsmanship, buy or contact them if you’re a dealer. They also have a large showroom displaying an enviable collection of unique Partners Desks and other antiquities as well.

eBay is another source of Partners Desks with a seemingly endless supply. Here you can find any type imaginable: from real antique finds to vintage reproductions and stylistic variations like an industrial metal Partners Desk. I have seen a French Partners Desks, an Italian Neoclassical Revival, and a Chinese one, all drawing influences from their respective countries, but keeping with the overall theme. If you are looking for a really unique piece, one of a kind, this is the place to look.

Christie’s is an auction house with a long tradition of selling high-end antiques. You can naturally find and bid on Partners Desks, too. If you haven’t been a fan of Christie’s, now is the right time to start because due to COVID-19, buyers all over the world are more enthusiastic about online shopping than ever before. Most shops offer global shipping, so an oversized desk shouldn’t be a concern.

1stDibs is an online platform that sells antique and modern furniture, décor, etc. This is where I found the most exquisite English Partners Desk, slightly on the expensive side, but still manageable considering this is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

Final Thoughts on Partners Desk

Partners Desk is a statement piece that will dominate your office space. You will feel overwhelming pride when using it, showing it to your guest, and passing it onto the next generations.

Partners Desk boasts a sort of timeless design that you will never get tired of. With proper care and maintenance, it will serve you well, as it did previous owners.

If you happen to find it in a Flea market, grab it for a bargain and be content because these are becoming harder and harder to find.