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Busy life schedules often don’t allow us to spend as much time as we would like in nature and relax. Terrariums give you a unique opportunity not only to do some gardening in an apartment but to turn it into a lush oasis.

Rich History of Terrariums

Terrariums have been a bulletproof hit with homeowners since the early 19th century.

Dating all the way back to the Victorian England era, these miniature gardens in glass containers have been beautifying our homes for two centuries.

Funny enough, they were discovered by chance, like most useful things in life. One English scientist discovered that he can grow plants inside a glass container and accidentally caused a trend to snowball.

Terrariums can be open or closed. Both varieties are equally beautiful and will give a special touch to any room. But, don’t be fooled. These two systems can’t be more diverse.

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Etsy terrarium
Image: Etsy

Open Terrariums

  • they don’t have a lid
  • they are suitable for all kinds of plants
  • succulents are mostly planted in the open terrariums
  • require low maintenance

Closed Terrariums

  • more fascinating
  • they form a self-sustaining ecosystem
  • not suitable for all kinds of plants
  • require extremely low maintenance                   
Image: Etsy

How to Make a Terrarium Recipe


  • a clean glass container (big enough to house your plant)
  • a plant (if you use more plants check first for their compatibility)
  • moss
  • soil
  • pebbles (used to drain excess water)
  • decorative pebbles (optional)

Terrarium Assembly Instructions

  1. The first step is putting fine pebbles into the glass container. There should be an inch thick layer that is used to drain all the extra water. Make sure you level it evenly.
  2. Next, you add the soil. This can be ordinary potting soil from the store. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You need to put enough soil to cover the plant’s roots. So, measure your plants and add the soil accordingly.
  3. Plant the plants of your choice. Roots should be covered with soil. Press firmly.
  4. We recommend putting a layer of moss next. This will help keep everything moist without having to water it too often. Also, moss adds another layer of greenery, which is nice.
  5. Now you can add decorative pebbles on top if you like. Another way to go is adding a fine layer of pebbles used at the bottom of the glass container.
Image: Etsy

Terrarium Plants

You should be very careful what plants you use in your terrarium build because there are limitations. Go for the plants that require less care, less sun, less water, and overall, thrive when forgotten.

Here is a list of the best plants for terrariums:

  • Succulents
  • Cacti
  • Ferns
  • Peperomia
  • Echeveria
  • Crassula
  • Dwarf palms
  • Airplants

Terrarium Assembly Tips

The shape of your glass container should be as interesting and unique as you can acquire. You could use an old-fashioned jar or a brand new one with tinted glass. The jar could be completely oversized or as small as your plants.

Visible layers of fine pebbles, soil, and greenery are what make terrariums interesting. Make sure your layers are thick enough so they don’t mix. By adding decorative pebbles in various colors will make your terrarium unique and appealing to the eye.

If you want to take your designing skills to the next level, play with different objects people use to decorate aquariums. You could put in small, fun objects like a plastic ladybug, a plastic mushroom, a sentimental toy, or anything else miniature.

In the end, when all is finished and you think you’re done, don’t forget to add a small amount of water. After all, your plants are living, you shouldn’t forget.

Image: Etsy

Terrarium Care Tips

  • Keep it in a moderately cool place, out of the direct sun and excessive heat.
  • Don’t keep the terrarium in a completely dark place because plants need sunlight to live.
  • Don’t use fertilizers because you don’t want the plants to grow fast.
  • Keep the watering to a minimum. Once a month, a small amount of water will be more than enough.
  • You really don’t have too much work with it. Maybe that’s why terrariums are a popular choice for desks in offices.

Terrariums as gifts

Terrariums make excellent gifts because they don’t demand a lot of maintenance. If you made a terrarium on your own, it will be an excellent personalized gift. You won’t ever make a mistake by gifting a terrarium.

Terraliving on Etsy

Check this store on Etsy because it offers terrariums of all shapes and sizes. Designs are very unique and some come limited edition.

terraliving terrariums on etsy
Image: Terraliving

WildJar on Etsy

Here you can buy complete terrariums and DIY kits. Also, they offer single glass containers you can use in your projects.

Final Verdict

Terrariums are like little works of art we wish we knew about earlier. They require so little maintenance that everybody could feel they have green thumbs. Ikea should be selling these instead of plastic grass and whatever.

Put a terrarium next to your computer, forget about it and it will give your eyes a much-needed break and put a smile on your face every time.